Manufacturing Alliance 2021

Alliance members get free IoT Starter Kit

IoT Starter Kit (MSRP $7,368):
+ 16 wireless vibration sensors
+ 4 wireless gateways
+ Wireless 3-phase power monitor kit
+ Fluke connect software

Preventative Maintenance

Alliance Members take 60% discount off Preventative Maintenance MSRP year 1:
• Basic $1,000/mo
• Silver $2,500/mo
• Gold $5,000/mo
• Platinum $10,000/mo

Network with others in region

Alliance members receive an invitation to WHIN Ag Alliance semi-annual summits. Learn best practices of emerging technologies and share key lessons learned.

WHIN Mfg Alliance is an exclusive consortium of affiliated manufacturers in north-central Indiana receiving products and services designed to support and encourage adoption of internet-enabled technologies in order to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and optimize operations.

Additional resources

or email us for more information:
Only $1000/yr.