WHIN Gifts Community Schools of Frankfort with E-Learning Grant

[WEST LAFAYETTE, IN] Community School of Frankfort were recently awarded $157,000 in RCF e-learning funds to equip school buses with hotspots, add hotspots to outdoor learning areas, and help students with MiFi devices at home.

"WHIN regards this program as helping schools connect students to everywhere-learning," says Pat Corey, VP of Engagement for WHIN.

This “Internet for All” plan includes a substantial increase in CSF’s WiFi capabilities. Funding from this grant will increase the WiFi coverage around each of the Community Schools of Frankfort buildings. This will allow students who may not have access to the internet at home the opportunity to connect in a school parking lot or elsewhere on the school property.

The second aspect of this grant will add WiFi capabilities to the bus fleet for the Community Schools of Frankfort. By adding this technology, students will have the ability to work on assignments while being transported to and from school, athletic events, or other activities.

A third area impacted by this grant is the purchase of 50 mobile hotspots by the school district. These hotspots may be used by students who have no WiFi at home and may be quarantined or required to e-learn for various reasons.

“Frankfort students have access to technology-rich resources that enhance their learning experiences on a daily basis,” CSF Superintendent Joel McKinney says. “The WHIN grant is yet another victory for our corporation's Director of Technology, Debbie Bracken. This partnership is providing additional resources that Debbie will use to give more internet access to students in more places.”

SOURCES: Alivia Roberts, Marketing and Communications Manager, Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN): Alivia@whin.org; Jason Tennenhouse, VP Strategy and Design, Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN): Jason@whin.org.

ABOUT WHIN: WHIN is an innovative nonprofit organization devoted to making the 10-county Wabash Heartland region of north-central Indiana the global epicenter of digital agriculture and next-generation manufacturing empowered by smart IoT technology.