WHIN Supporters

WHIN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose charitable purposes are scientific, educational and charitable. It relies on grants, contributions and revenue from its programs. The generous support of our friends and major funders allows us to help the Wabash Heartland to keep pace with emerging technology and to become a pacesetter for the state and nation.

The adoption and use of digital technology has become the most important predictor of overall growth and prosperity. By cultivating the region as a place to discover, develop, validate, and realize the benefit of new technologies in real-life contexts, WHIN is helping users like farmers and manufacturers to close productivity gaps that inhibit growth and prosperity, even as their use of technology supports research, education, and workforce development, and brings new jobs. WHIN’s Living Lab model reveals and leverages the enormous digital potential of rural Indiana.

By investing in WHIN, you are helping to give the Wabash Heartland an exciting and prosperous future.

Smart technology. Smart region. Smart future.



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