Johnny Park Johnny Park
CEO Chief Cheerleader
Jack Stucky Jack Stucky
VP of Engineering Ninjaneer
Jason Tennenhouse Jason Tennenhouse
VP of Strategy & Design Idea Engineer
Greg Ottinger Greg Ottinger
VP of Strategic Partnerships Gregarious
Pat Corey Pat Corey
VP of Engagement The Whisperer
Greg Jarman Greg Jarman
VP of Broadband Partnerships VP of Broadband Partnerships
Ted Fiock Ted Fiock
Purdue Managing Director Master Wrangler
Josh Karshen Josh Karshen
Member Success Manager Member Success Manager
Chad Martin Chad Martin
Ivy Tech Project Manager Putting the Tech in Ivy Tech
Zach Mason Zach Mason
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer
Alivia Roberts Alivia Roberts
Marketing and Communications Manager Marketing and Communications Manager
Jessica Strasburger Jessica Strasburger
Regional Engagement Manager Chief Baker
Audette Taylor Audette Taylor
Audette Taylor
Director of Finance Director of Fresh Breath

Board of Directors

Gary Henriott Gary Henriott
Gary Henriott
Board Chair
Todd Miller Todd Miller
Todd Miller
Vice Chair
Stephanie Long Stephanie Long
Stephanie Long
Dave Luhman Dave Luhman
Dave Luhman
Natasha Cox Natasha Cox
Natasha Cox
Ron Dickerson Ron Dickerson
Ron Dickerson
David Lasater David Lasater
David Lasater
Gary Lehman Gary Lehman
Gary Lehman
Steve Schultz Steve Schultz
Steve Schultz
Andrea Schwartz Andrea Schwartz
Andrea Schwartz
Johnny Park Johnny Park
Johnny Park

WHIN Core Values

Lilly Endowment The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette Purdue University Ivy Tech Community College
Wabash National Demeter
Agrinovus Nucor Oerlikon Myers Spring