Agriculture Alliance 2021


Weather stations for alliance members

Weather stations will be installed on your farm. You will have access to a mobile/web app to access real-time weather information.

Additional technologies offered

• Telesense Bin Monitoring
• ROGO Robotic Soil Sampling
• Intelinair Crop Intelligence
• Solinftec Digital Farm Management

Network with others in region

Alliance members receive an invitation to WHIN Ag Alliance semi-annual summits. Learn best practices of emerging technologies and share key lessons learned.

WHIN Ag Alliance is an exclusive consortium of affiliated agribusinesses in north-central Indiana receiving products and services designed to support and encourage adoption of internet-enabled technologies in order to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and optimize operations.

Wabash Heartland Innovation Network is deploying hundreds of weather stations across our region and sharing information our farmers can use to become more efficient, save time, and increase yields. We’re on our way to making the densest agricultural weather network in the country.

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